Winegrowing Seasons

Images of vineyards throughout the seasons.

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Vine pruning (Jan) Vine pruning (Jan) First buds (Feb/March) Budbreak in Spring time (Feb/March) Leaf emergence (March)
Multiple buds grow out from the tip of the shoot (March/April) Flower clusters develop about 3 weeks after bud break (March/April) Flowers are fully developed and ready for bloom (April) Bloom begins, flower caps pop off (late April/May) Full bloom (May)
Berries begin to develop (June) Berries enlarging, the cluster looks full! (June) Colors begin to appear in the clusters (July) More colors appear! (August) More colors (August)
Grapes cluster develop nearly complete and almost ready for pick (August) Beautiful ripe cluster, Harvest time! (Sept/Oct) Harvested grapes, ready to crush and Making wine!