China/U.S. Wine News

27 Mar 2012 from Decanter
Kurniawan arrest tip of the iceberg, say Koch and Frye

The arrest by the FBI of Rudy Kurniawan is not enough to deter the tide of fake wine, alleged victims of counterfeiting say.

14 Feb 2012 from Decanter
Chinese merchant opens in Bordeaux

A small wine merchant selling Bordeaux wine exclusively to Chinese wine professionals, has opened in the middle of Bordeaux

14 Feb 2012 from Decanter
‘Corruption and smuggling’ damaging Thai import prospects

The market for imported wine in Thailand is being hampered by a draconian tax regime, and has...

13 Feb 2012 from Decanter
Grape prices rise in California, ‘Sideways’ effect reversed

Grape prices in California have hit a new high after a smaller than expected crop in 2011, amid rising...

09 Feb 2012 from Decanter
Sulphur Dioxide ‘good for grapes’: study

The chemical is used widely in winemaking worldwide for a variety of purposes, and is very much bête-noire of the burgeoning natural wine movement, which considers it unnecessary.

08 Feb 2012 from FT Adviser
Tap into China for fine wine returns

Thanks to a rise in affluence in China, fine wine now represents an additional opportunity for investors who are looking to get more diversified exposure to the country’s economic growth.

06 Feb 2012 from
Zhongsan: Wine trade center in China

According to the introduction by the people in charge that in the coming years, the center will be forged to be a center for imported wine trade, exhibition and distribution in China south region.

20 Nov 2011 from Press Democrat
California for China

The billboard ads were posted high over Shanghai's luxury malls and subway stations.

22 Mar 2010 from Matching Food & Wine
Asian tastes differ on matching Chinese food with wine

The results of a unique competition in Hong Kong suggest that Asia-based judges may have a different take to Europeans on matching wine to Chinese food.