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Liu Wine is located in the heart of Napa-Sonoma Wine Country. We provide full service consulting, exporting premier California wines to China and greater Asia. Besides exporting, we also provide full-service wine sales and consulting in California. We carefully select limited brands from renowned vineyards, specializing in finest, limited library releases and rare wine collectibles from California, France, Italy and China. We also specialize in arranging Napa and Sonoma Valley wine tours, as well as offering wonderful vineyard tour adventures in mainland China. In addition, we provide wine classes in both Chinese and English. more >

分享对葡萄酒的钟爱,品味生活。随着中国葡萄酒业的高速发展 和广阔前景,我们坐落于世界著名的优质葡萄酒主要产区—美国加州纳帕谷和索诺玛谷中心,主要提供世界尊贵的加州葡萄酒出口到中国和其它亚洲国家的销售与服务。 此外, 我们并在加州提供美国国内的葡萄酒销售与服务,主要由专家为您精心挑选的,有限的知名品牌,产自美国加州,法国, 意大利 和中国的, 产量有限的,高质优价的葡萄酒以及稀有的私人收藏酒。

我们并为客人组织美丽的纳帕谷和索诺玛谷酒庄之旅, 以及世界最新流行的中国葡萄园之旅。同时,并提供加州独有的特色中文和英文葡萄酒鉴赏课。 more >

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Cakebread Cabernet with Smoked TriTip

China/U.S. wine news


Kurniawan arrest tip of the iceberg, say Koch and Frye

27 Mar 2012 - The arrest by the FBI of Rudy Kurniawan is not enough to deter the tide of fake wine, alleged victims of counterfeiting say. more >

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Why are bird boxes installed in many vineyard blocks?

An excellent question! Those boxes are specifically designed to attract bluebirds and owls, in the hope that these species will make their nests in and around vineyards.  more >

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Famous Bordeaux wine tours, France!!! Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Margaux ...

We are planning several exciting tours and trips in 2012 to the very best Chateaux of Bordeaux as well as the exciting food and wine areas of the south of France. more >